• System construction is individualized with no possibility for risk hedging
    System construction is individualized with no possibility for risk hedging
  • Recovery takes too much time
    Recovery takes too much time
  • The steps between Concept→Development→Operation takes too much time
    The steps between Concept → Development → Operation takes too much time
  • Messages from the Developers
    Messages from the Developers

Messages from the Developers

Thoughts for Exastro Koichi Yoshida

Systems are progressively getting more complicated while human resources are reducing

What happens when tasks increases when there is a lack of human resources? All the additional work will be left to the current engineers, causing a wave of fatigued workers. I don't think any young people would look at an overworked engineer and think "I want to be an engineer!". Humans tends to admire positions and jobs where the workers are working smart, fast and stylish.

Exastro does not only allow users to free themselves from a chain of troubles. We believe that it can play an important role in initiatives for expanding businesses.

Koichi Yoshida

Exastro Overview

Exastro System life cycles

Exastro optimizes System life cycles (Design, Development,
Configuration and Operation
) which supports DX (Digital

What can we gain by optimizing the System life cycle?

Exastro fixes these problems.

Lack of human resources
Lack of human resources
  • Don't know when errors might occur
  • Have to add more people for review process
  • System is individualistic, so the supervisor can't take sudden days off
  • The system is too complicated to know what was affected.
  • The team cannot advance before they synthesized and considered the information from various people
  • We don't have the resources to implement a new system
Reduces Human errors
Reduces Human errors
  • The system information is all over the place, causing mistakes to happen when information is missing
  • The settings are complicated and hard to check
Loop of troubles
Exastro Suite

Exastro IT AutomationSpecialized to Construct systems

IT Automation Overview

Exastro IT Automation is a software created to Automate, Optimize and Improve labor-saving for System construction operations.

When building systems, the beginning is one of the most vital parts!

Just like a normal building, a system without properly managed environment settings will only be more unstable the bigger it gets. Use ITA to create a strong foundation that will be able to handle big and expandable applications.

ITA uses a single UI designed for System Engineers. User's can put in Parameters in to the interface and start constructing right away! There is no longer need to learn how to use the different programs when making new systems.

Exastro OASE(Operation Autonomy
Support Engine
Specialized for System operations.

OASE Overview

Exastro Operation Autonomy Support Engine is a software created to Automate, Optimize and Improve Labor-saving for System operations.

Centrally manage all know-how related to System operations and use them as rules to automatically decide what to do with received Operation information. It can also control Exastro IT Automation and other automation software, meaning that it can automate the decided restoration action as well.

Exastro EPOCHSpecialized for System development


Speed up Cloud native application development

Why isn't Cloud native app development, which everyone says is so good, flourishing? That is the focus of Exastro EPOCH.

This app is a framework created to deliver environments for fast app development/deployment. It provides environments together with processes for supporting cloud native application development.

Installing Exastro

  1. Step 01

    Download the Install manuals

    No registration needed
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    Check the install requirements

    Step 02
    Download for free
  3. Step 03

    Go to GitHub

    Start as small as you want
  4. Step 04

    Download and install required contents

    Step 02
    Paid support for those who need.
  5. Step 05

    Try it out!

    Step 02

This Software Suite is Open Source with no usage limits!
But we want to hear what you have to say.
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